Renegade Craft Fair

This weekend, I went to the Renegade indie Craft Fair in Chicago. I’ve been curious about this show for a while and it was definitely worth checking out. There were some awesome crafters/artists, including some I recognized from Etsy. It was also some of the best people-watching I’ve ever experienced…even better than an airport.

This is an amazing print of Chicago ‘hoods!
 There was an endless array of funny/iro
HAHHAHAHAHAHA. This stitchery tent was HI-LARIOUS.
There were a few different/clever things on display…such as these wooden ties.
A really neat mixed-media artist.
Some more fun people-watching. I wish I were a photographer for ‘the Sartorialist’ or a fashion blog so I had an excuse to take pictures of peoples’ outfits. But since I’m not, it might seem a little creepy. Anyway, this tent above was pretty snazzy. My dad bought a shirt with John Cusack’s character from “Say Anything” holds up a giant mustache instead of a boombox.

It was really, really hot out. I can’t belive I walked around for nearly 3 hours in that. But it was worth it! 🙂

What a day.


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