Neat Finds

Surfing the internet can be so entertaining. You just never know what random, funny, quirky stuff you’ll find out there. Let me share some interesting finds I saw today!

These shoes are so awesome! I wonder if they could make you fly?

This card… at least you won’t need to buy a new one for every holiday/special occasion! A good excuse to be lazy and not kill trees.


This diorama. It contains some of my favorite things: deer and pumpkins (which remind me of fall and Halloween). How clever! Now I want to make one!

The design of this bowl is genius! Now you will never have soggy cereal ever again! I don’t even like cereal, but it’s still pretty neat and could be useful for other foods. I also don’t like when certain foods mix on the plate. Problem solved.


I got these stickers recently on sale and I must say, it is so fun giving a “face” and personality to household objects laying around!

These ‘Ice Screams’ are perfect for fellow art-lovers!! These would probably also make great homemade soap molds! The shop in the link is one of my very favorite shops by NIU, my alma mater!

This little vintage/retro/kitsch lamb from one of my favorite blogs, Please Note. Lambs are dear to my heart because they were my sorority’s main critter, and this little guy was just too cute, so I bought it as a birthday present to myself!


On a side note, I made a lot of cute desserts (cupcakes, cake pops) for my birthday coming up this weekend, so I will post pictures and tutorials later! 🙂

GOOD NEWS: I’m getting a banner soon, courtesy of my high school friend Judd who is an awesome illustrator. It’s pretty sweet!



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