Making buttons…

…no, not the adorable kind you sew onto shirts or stuffed animals for eyes. These Buttons are the kind I’ve seen on the sidebars of an array of blogs, and they are great ways to advertise your blog or show your support for someone else’s!

On the sidebar of my page I listed some buttons of blogs I follow, and decided to make one for this blog too. I enlisted the help of Elizabeth from the brilliant blog Please Note, and she was so sweet and helpful with this endeavor!


Here are some helpful links she shared with me for how to make your own Button for WordPress…enjoy!!

Grab My Button!

Grab My Button Code Generator  (what I used)

Grab My Button, Promote My Blog

Grab a Button (for Blogger)

These sites were very helpful for me; I hope they are just as helpful for you! 🙂

❤ Ghost & Lamb



2 responses to “Making buttons…

    • You’re welcome and Thank YOU! Your link helped me to create my button, which I probably would have never been able to figure out!
      Thanks for all the great wishes too! 🙂

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