Recycled Arts and Crafts

This fall I created a Recycled Art Class for my local park district, and while the class ended up falling through, I still am dying to teach this class and get the word out about protecting our natural resources. Besides protecting our environment, using recycled materials is a savvy and money/space saving way to re-use objects which would have been tossed anyway.

Here’s a couple ideas worth trying out with common, household objects destined for the dumpster!

Toilet paper rolls:

Toilet paper tube owls

Toilet Paper Tube Birthday Crowns Grouped


Recycled paper:

Paint chip art (you can get as many paint chips for FREE as possible from home improvement stores)

old sweaters and socks– just cut up that old sweater from ’88 you know you’re never going to wear again!


“My Cardboard Life” cardboard comics…so charming!

Cardboard Colin Goes to Mars

See Craftgawker for more ideas!


***and here’s an artist for inspiration: Eric Barclay, an illustrator who makes quirky characters out of painted recycled bottles!


Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a Happy, Safe, Stuffed-to-the-brim Thanksgiving!!


Ghost & Lamb




4 responses to “Recycled Arts and Crafts

    • I have made a few from saving toilet paper rolls!! My grandma’s birthday was Thursday so I put her gift (a necklace) inside one that I made 🙂 They’re pretty easy to make too!

  1. I loved your ideas, everyone who will come to your class will definitely enjoy it. If you want more publicity talking about eco friendly crafts I suggest you prepare a short post with quality photograhs and I’d be willing to put it on my blog – I’m always looking for interesting subjects. If you decide to have a go please e-mail me on


    • Thank you Kristina! I will definitely follow you up on your offer!
      When I was a student teacher, my seventh graders made sculptures out of recycled materials I had them bring in from home. Some of their end results were FANTASTIC. One girl, who was gifted, made an anime-style dragon out of gum wrappers and Christmas lights. I will include pictures of some of their sculptures for the entry!

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