Artist Spotlight: David Shrigley

Today feels like  a good day to share an interesting new artist I just found. His name is David Shrigley, and his artwork will definitely tickle your funny bone!

from Wikipedia:

Although he works in various media, he is best known for his mordantly humorous cartoons released in softcover books or postcard packs.

Like the poet Ivor Cutler, Shrigley finds humour in flat depictions of the inconsequential, the unavailing and the bizarre – although he is far fonder of violent or otherwise disquieting subject matter. Shrigley’s work has two of the characteristics often encountered in outsider art – an odd viewpoint, and (in some of his work) a deliberately limited technique. His freehand line is often weak, which jars with his frequent use of a ruler; his forms are often very crude; and annotations in his drawings are poorly executed and frequently contain crossings-out (In authentic outsider art, the artist has no choice but to produce work in his or her own way, even if that work is unconventional in content and inept in execution. In contrast, it is likely that Shrigley has chosen his style and range of subject matter for comic effect).


David Shrigley, Balloon, 2002

David Shrigley, Try to Be Happy, 1997

David Shrigley, Potato Skull, 1999

David Shrigley, Sunday Adventure Club, 1996

David Shrigley, Anti_depressants, 2002

David Shrigley, Pumpkin, 1998

David Shrigley, Arson, 2000

David Shrigley, Beach Dwellers, 1998

David Shrigley, Diana, 1998

David Shrigley, Fallen Tree, 1996

David Shrigley, Hell, 1992

David Shrigley, Notice, 1996

David Shrigley, Hot Dog, 2002

David Shrigley, Imagine the Green is Red, 1997]

Happy Friday everyone!



















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