Please Note feature!

For the month of December, I have been a sponsor for one of my favorite blogs, Please Note! Since I was a sponsor for the month, I got featured in my very own sponsor highlight post on the blog, which is so exciting! Definitely stop by her blog and check it out!

This week has been super productive: I made not one but THREE custom felted wool dogs as Christmas gifts for clients I met through Instagram! I made a Shiba Inu (see previous post), a chihuahua-pug mix, and a Chinest Crested! All of them were fun to make and felt like great accomplishments. I can’t wait to see the recipients’ photos, which I will definitely post!

Plus, I also made these cuties and added them to my shop!



2 responses to “Please Note feature!

  1. Merry Christmas! Your felted creatures are absolutely stunning – they will bring lots of joy for their owners. Wish you lots more inspiration for the year ahead. Kristina

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