week-long recap!

Wow, this week absolutely flew by! That’s what seems to happen during the holidays, eh?

Amid the hustle and bustle, I created two cutom cuties: Moshi, the Shiba Inu and a felted version of this little charmer below!


Here’s my version:

It was so fun to make both of these felted dogs for my clients, best friends Kim and Amber! They both gave these cuties to their significant others as Christmas gifts!

Here’s a picture of Moshi the Shiba Inu meeting ‘Mini Moshi’ ! This picture just brings a smile to my face! Which is which?

(In case you were wondering, the little one on the left side of the picture is the Mini Moshi 😀 )

According to Kim, “She (Moshi the dog) cried when I wouldn’t let her have it!” awww! How precious!

On a side note, the past week has been an adventure in Holiday events! I experienced my very first Hanukkah with my dear friends Maria and ‘M’, went downtown Chicago to ChrisKringleMarket and Marshall Field’s, and celebrated Christmas with my family. Photos to follow 🙂

Have a fabulous post-holiday and a Happy New Year, everyone!

xoxo Lauren





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