New year, new adventures…in teaching art!

I graduated college a little over a year ago with a degree in Art Education, and have been hoping for a job as an art teacher. This past December, I got a call from a local school district I applied for asking if I would be willing to be a long-term substitute for the art teacher who will be absent for six weeks. Of course, I said yes!!

So this week I started, and it has definitely been an exciting, sometimes overwhelming challenge. Teachers really do have one of the most difficult and important jobs out there, and I really respect the teachers who go above and beyond to educate our future leaders. Travelling between 3 different schools throughout the week and teaching grades 1-8 certainly has been an adventure. Since I have six to eight weeks, I made sure to get acclamated with the staff/faculty, classrooms, and my new students. Luckily, I knew some of the students from when I was a Park District summer camp counselor in the same town.

Here’s a few things I learned this week and tips for fellow new teachers:

~Get to know the names of your students as soon as possible, and how to pronounce their names. This will make them respect you more, since they know you know their name.

~Label as many cabinets as you can, since you don’t have much time to look for supplies.

~Watch the clock– timing is everything.

~Be sure to state classroom rules and expectations early on…  I especially did this because I am a new substitute, taking over another teacher’s class in the middle of the year. Make sure the students know you are the one in charge!

~Give  attention to the students who are well-behaved and respectful, not just the ones who are misbehaving. Students mostly want your attention, and it’s not fair that the ‘good’ students go unnoticed while the ‘bad’ students get all the recognition.

~Make sure the class is quiet while you’re speaking, and don’t speak until they do so.

~Encourage students to raise their hand and ask for your help, and walk around to help students who may seem too ‘shy’ to ask for it.

~ Try to relax and remember the GOOD things students do/say, rather than the troubled students. Things may go wrong, but things will also go right! 🙂

Are any of you teachers/art educators? Do these tips help? Do you have any helpful tips to share?

Helpful website: Art Education 2.0


One response to “New year, new adventures…in teaching art!

  1. I think that these are very wise tips – if I was a teacher I would try to folow them. By the way, you are right about learning your students’ names – for all of us the most beautiful word in the world is our name. It’s as simple as that, Lauren 🙂

    P.S. All the best being a good teacher.

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