random January updates


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. During the week, I am VERY busy with school… teaching is much more challenging than one might think. When I’m not actually IN school, I have certain things to prepare and plan for the next day at school and sometimes work on things at home, which is why my poor blog probably feels neglected haha.

Each week certain things at school seem to be improving, especially as the students grow more accustomed to me as their new teacher. There are difficulties, certainly, but commuting between 3 schools (teaching grades 1-8) and all the challenges that come with it certainly have been a crash-course in learning effective teaching strategies!

Here are some of my picks from projects my students have been working on:

4th grade: India Ink Batik masks with a purpose… I believe the purpose of this one was “To protect the wild”

1st grade: Construction paper action people… both of these had really charming people/animals and well-drawn backgrounds for their age group ability!

I realized at school how risky it is to wear nice clothing in art class (we have a business casual dress code for teachers at school) so I decided to bring some old aprons/kitchen gloves to school to save my clothes and hands from stains… and I came across this ADORABLE mushroom printed apron. I thought it was way too cute to destroy with paint so I decided to keep it strictly in the kitchen! 🙂

Recently, I stopped by one of my favorite blogs, the Dainty Squid and visited her etsy shop, Circus Bear Vintage. There I found the cutest little vintage raccoon mug! I knew I had to have it, because raccoons are one of my very favorite animals (as you could probably tell from some of my earlier posts)! This will be the perfect mug to drink some hot tea, cider, or hot chocolate from (because I’m not much of a coffee drinker…)


When I’m not at school, I like to spend my free time catching up on arts and crafts. My friend Jenn’s little dog, Snickers, sadly passed away recently and she asked for me to create a felted sculpture to look like him as a memorial. Here’s the end results! Jenn is thrilled with the end results and I’m so glad to do her little Snickers justice. It was an honor to recreate a pet who was so loved to be memorialized this way!

I’ll probably post a step-by-step tutorial on how I created Snickers in full detail later..!



2 responses to “random January updates

  1. Children can be very creative – I love looking at their artwork as usually these are so colourul and full of detail, like the mask for protecting wildlife 🙂 I wish we all would have had good art teachers who would have tried to evoke and not supress creativity with comments like: what is that? can you get green cats? why does your octopus have only 4 legs?

  2. Children’s art can definitely be charming and creative– I especially like when kids think kind of “wacky.” For instance, my 1st grade class made ‘action-pose people’ out of construction paper. Most kids made things like: dancer, football player, swimmer… and one student made someone at a broccoli farm! It was so cute

    My teaching philosophy is similar: I like to ask students questions to spark creativity and originality. Their answers can certainly be intriguing!

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