Hello, March!

It has been a really long time since I updated… the past eight weeks were so hectic with school! Teaching involves a great amount time and energy to function properly that my poor little blog has been neglected!

When teaching 8 different grades throughout the week, travelling between 3 school campuses (a middle school and 2 elementary schools- a total of 525 students)– I learned how precious time really is, especially whatever free time you might have!

Last week, I successfully finished my long-term position as a substitute art teacher. In my last few posts, I shared photos of student work and I will share the remaining photos very soon! The students ended up making some really great pieces of art; they should be proud of their work!

**Recently, I took an inventory of the sheer volume of work that was accomplished during my time teaching: the last 8 weeks:

1 class of 7th graders: (25 abstract paintings, 25 clay containers, 25 pointilist oil pastel landscape drawings): 75 pieces total

1 class of 6th graders: (25 self-portraits, 25 woven yarn baskets, 25 two-point perspective cityscape drawings): 75 pieces total

1 class  of 8th graders: (27 clay sculptures, 15 scratchboard animals, 12 independent projects, 27 comic strip drawings): 81 pieces total

4 classes of 3rd graders: (100 Relief masks, 100 Georgia O’Keefe-inspired natural object pastel drawings): 200 pieces total

4 classes of 5th graders: (2-color reduction linoleum prints x4 on paper): 100 pieces total

3 classes of 4th graders: (75 Batik mask drawings, 75 ceramic nature bowls): 150 pieces total

3 classes of 2nd graders: (75 clay animal plaques, 75 insect sand paper drawings, 75 endangered animal drawings): 225 pieces total

3 classes of 1st graders: (75 construction paper action people, 75 ceramic animal sculptures): 150 pieces total

= 1,131 total pieces of art!! Holy cow, that is a LOT of art!!

Adding it all up, I can’t believe I somehow managed to instruct, grade, and sometimes load/fire/unload all those pieces in such a short amount of time!

In April, the school(s) will be having an Art Fair, and it will be great to see everyone’s great work displayed! I’ll definitely post pictures then! 🙂


On a completely different note, I found out last night that I have been accepted to NIU’s Graduate School of Visual and Performing Arts M.F.A. program in Sculpture! I decided to apply to Graduate school last month, only a few days before the deadline! Somehow I managed to apply and complete all the necessary work/forms needed to apply by the deadline!

This is an adventure I feel is the right step towards the future career I was meant to do and I’m absolutely thrilled to continue my studies of the fine arts.

Lesson learned: find your calling, and find a way to make it come to life. You’ll be glad you did, even if the idea changes its course.


Have a great weekend!



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