Some new artwork I’ve been doing…

My mom sent me an email about a current contest at Houlihan’s restaurants, where they are looking for “original art inspired by graffiti, tattoo or cartoon-like aesthetic; photography or scanography that’s compelling, witty, unusual, buzzworthy, sophisticated (but not serious) and/or thought-provoking.”

Submitted artworks chosen will be hung in various restaurant interiors and artists will be compensated. I’ve been itching at the chance to get my artwork more “out there,” and so I realized I had to jump at this opportunity for such exposure! Creating art is my life’s work and it would be an amazing accomplishment if I saw one of my pieces hanging in such a well-known restaurant establishment.

So today, I spent time working on two new pieces for submission.

“Tiny Pianist”  oil on paper, 8″ x 10″

This piece was inspired by a real dream I had, where a tiny little gecko/lizard was playing an equally tiny piano. I still have no idea what my brain is trying to subconsiously tell me with this one.

This piece I drew in a cartoon-y style, but rendered in a somewhat realistic style too, symbolizing how “real” the dream felt the time I had it.

prismacolor on paper, 9″ x 12″

This piece is my graffiti-inspired one, where I was really playing with shape and color. There’s something about these sort of shapes that I just love. Combining all these different colors together was trickier than I thought, because I consiously tried not to repeat any two colors in shapes right next to each other. It also took me a lot longer to complete this piece than I thought it would take; even though this is only a little bit larger than a regular sheet of computer/sketchbook paper, this drawing took close to 3 hours to complete. I really haven’t done too many works like this (usually I draw representational works), so it was definitely a fun and different departure!

I also submitted these two following woodcut/aquatint prints, which I made in college:

“Corporate Monsters”, woodcut

“Flying Fish,” aquatint

Wish me luck with this contest… I can’t wait to see if they choose any of these!














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