Where I Was: Arizona

Hello kittens! It’s been a bit since I posted on here, mostly because I’ve been in the *hot!* state of Arizona. Seriously, it is hot there, like Dante’s Inferno. I learned it’s best to be outside between the hours of 7am-noon and anytime past 5pm, and NOTHING inbetween. I got a bit of a tan, after about 3 days of visiting the local pool for a few hours in the morning. Like I mentioned early, we actually LEFT the pool at noon, when all the other people started to arrive. It’s very important to learn the proper hours to spend outside while in the desert.

When we got there, we had the joy of visiting my favorite designer resale shop in Scottsdale called My Sister’s Attic. They have everything from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Seven Jeans, Dolce and Gabbana, etc. at a fraction of the cost…it’s basically Heaven! My arms were hurting by the time I arrived at the fitting room! I managed to snatch up some amazing goodies, such as the red leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag below for a great price! I can’t wait to wear this! Can you tell I’m excited??

I also found a Missoni for Target blouse for $17 (which is amazing since they all sold out in stores within hours of the first day being for sale in September and are insanely overpriced on eBay), and a See by Chloe dress for $50!

We also spent time out in nature; we stopped by the Palatki ruins in Sedona to see the famous red rocks and some ancient pictographs among the mountains






We also stopped at a couple road stops, such as the above touristy shop. I just love old-school signs and that giant rooster; I wish I could take him home! These random little side-stops are always fun to explore while on the road.

Additionally, we stopped at the World Wildlife Zoo, where I learned all the white tigers in the U.S. are born and bred. It wasn’t the best zoo ever, and the admission tickets were grossly overpriced, but I got to feed a little parrot an apple from my hand!

One of the best parts was meeting and feeding deer! Seriously, this is one of my life dreams and it was incredible. The deer were so precious!


Overall it was a nice time in Arizona, but it’s always nice to come home after being away for a while. Soon, summer will arrive and it will be hot and sunny right here where we are 🙂

Have a fabulous week everyone!


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