What I wore: right on Target

Dress: Target ($20)

Belt: free, came with another skirt

Cardigan: thrifted ($4.50 BRAND NEW, still with original Target tags! Similar here)

Shoes: Kensie Girl ($5 BRAND NEW at a Church charity sale!)

Bag: Francesca’s Collections (very similar to Marc Jacobs)

I’m pretty shocked at how cute and put-together this outfit is for the affordable price all the pieces were. This dress, which I saw on a Beautiful Mess and at Target, was a definite must. I just love the chevron-style pattern and the sweetheart neckline. When I got this, the store only had a few Larges left, so I went to my trusty sewing machine and tailored the dress to fit better. The other day I picked up this pea-green (?) cardigan from the Salvation Army for cheap, and I was very happy with the price considering it still had the original Target tags and sticker on it! At first, I thought the color was kind of ugly and reminded me of the day in Freshman year of high school where it was “School Color Week,” and the Freshman were supposed to wear “Puce” (seriously, is that the color of barf or something?) while the other grades wore white, green, and gold, respectively. So when I first saw this cardigan I thought of that “Puce” day but then I realized that I have been looking for a sweater with this type of color for a while, and it matches a ton of things already in my closet. The shoes were a pretty amazing find that I picked up at my friend’s Church charity for children, so not only did I get a pair of never-worn brand new Kensie shoes (a style which I had been looking for too, by the way) for only five bucks, I also helped out kids in need, and that is always a truly beautiful thing 🙂

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! xoxo


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