Art Exhibitions: Roy Lichtenstein-A Retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago

One of my favorite artists, Roy Lichtenstein, was featured in a retrospective exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibit, Roy Lichtenstein: a Retrospective, runs through September 3rd and is a must-see exhibit for enthusiasts or anyone else who has a fascination with pop art. This exhibit has probably been one of my all-time favorites, and I even took home a few souvenirs including a special $15 book!

Read more about the exhibition here, including the Blog!

Below are some other works of art from the Art Institute that are some of my favorites:

“American Gothic.” A common misconception is that this painting features a married couple; the woman on the left is actually the farmer’s daughter.

“Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper. With this photo, I wanted to take a close-up of the elusive late-night couple, curious as to what they have been up to…

A piece by Rothko. Its overwhelming size is what takes this piece from “an orange painting” to a piece with real warmth and presence.

An assemblage by Robert Rauschenberg. This is one of his most personal pieces, made with artifacts such as a Judy Garland autograph, a postcard of some cows, a painting by his wife, and a flag painting by Jasper Johns (or in this case, a replica, since the original flag was stolen some time ago). What makes Rauschenberg’s pieces unique is their cabinet-style tablets, with swinging doors and layered collage materials.

“Mao” by Andy Warhol. A garish and giant print/painting of the late Chinese ruler.

(excerpt from the Art Institute):

 In this example from his Mao series, Warhol melded his signature style with the scale of totalitarian propaganda to address the cult of personality surrounding Chinese ruler Mao Zedong (1893–1976). Nearly 15 feet tall, this towering work mimics the representations of the political figure that were ubiquitous throughout China. In contrast to the photographic nature of the image, garish colors were applied like makeup to Mao’s face. Ultimately, the portrait shows Warhol at his most painterly, rendering Mao, an enemy of individualism, in a brazenly personal style.

Have you ever been to the Art Institute of Chicago, or any other great art galleries/museums? Do you have any favorite works of art?

Have a wonderful week everyone! I’ve been hussling and bussling lately with summer camp ending and moving into my apartment for Grad school. I can’t believe I’ll be going back to school in only a few weeks!

xoxo Lauren


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