Art Portfolio

Here is my portfolio of fine art duing my undergrad days as a college student at N.I.U. …


“the Mad Bunny,” pastel, 2008

“Monochromatic Study”, pastel, 2008

“Still Life Study”, pastel, 2008

“Skulls and Stripes”, charcoal, 2008

“February 14”, pencil on paper, 2008 

I drew this the day of the February 14, 2008 N.I.U. campus shooting. This was the view of Cole Hall from my rez hall’s windows.

“Seahorse,” colored pencil, 2008

“The Air We Breathe,” (triptych), colored pencil, 2008

“Get Me Out of this Mess,” mixed media, 2009

“Still Life Study w/Shoe”, colored pencil, 2010

“I Dreamed the Geico Gecko Played the Piano,” colored pencil, 2010


“[Beware] the Corporate Monsters”, woodcut, 2010

“Flying Fish,” aquatint etching, 2010

“The Dissolution of Eden”, monotype print, 2010

“Nevermore,” screenprint, 2010


“Wallace and Gromit” (Salt and Pepper shakers), stoneware, 2008

“Skin,” stoneware, 2008

“Altered Box,” stoneware, 2008

Sculpture (My future M.F.A. focus of study)

“Hard Night’s Sleep,” found objects, resin, 2008

“Happy Birthday Mr. President,” plaster, steel, acrylic, wood, 2008

“Tadpole,” wood, acrylic, 2008

“Leaf,” wood, acrylic, 2008

“Drinking Water,” resin, found objects, 2010

“Dissection,” found objects, resin, 2010


“Feng Shoe,” oil on canvas, 2009

“Still Life w/Oranges,” oil on canvas, 2009

My series:

Allure series…


“Eyeshadow,” mixed media on canvas, 2009

Eyeshadow, Mascara, and Nail Polish

“Allure (series),” cosmetics on canvas, 2009

Face paint, Eyeshadow, Nail Polish, Lipstick

“Body Paint,” cosmetics on canvas, 2009

Face Paint, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Lip Gloss, Cream Eyeshadow

“Allure (series),” cosmetics on canvas, 2009

Eyeshadow, Mascara, Lipgloss, Lipstick, Cream Eyeshadow, Nail Polish

“Allure (series),”

Face Paint, Cream Eyeshadow, Nail Polish, Eyeshadow, Lipgloss

“Allure (series),” cosmetics on canvas, 2009

“I Had a Dream Sarah Jessica Parker Was a Lamp With a Frog on Her Head,” watercolor, 2010

“Still Life Study,” watercolor, 2009

“Don’t Tread On Me,” mixed media on canvas, 12″ x 12″, 2011 


NIU Sculpture Stars, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, 2010

NIU Student Center Art Show, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, 2010

Art Education Senior Showcase, Bliss Beads Studio, DeKalb, IL, 2010

100 Canvases For a Better World, the Silver Room, Chicago, IL, July 7- August 4, 2011 (Painting sold for charity auction)


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